Bankruptcy Litigation

Mr. Wall has extensive experience in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation. He prosecutes and defends insolvency related issues in state and federal court. Mr. Wall has represented bankruptcy trustees and assignees in over one hundred actions to set aside millions of dollars in transfers. He has similarly defended creditors, allowing them to keep money paid to them in the course of their business. Mr. Wall leads continuing education seminars on preference litigation. He was the lead attorney for the plaintiff in Credit Managers Association of California v. Countrywide Home Loans, wherein the 4th appellate district ruled the California statute that enables an assignee for the benefit of creditors to set aside preferential transfers.

In addition to preference actions, Mr. Wall also has extensive experience representing alleged debtors in involuntary bankruptcy proceedings, with many such representations leading to an award of attorneys’ fees against the petitioning creditors. Mr. Wall represents trustees and creditors in fraudulent transfer actions, wherein creditors purportedly received assets without giving adequate consideration.

Recognizing discharge of debts is one of the most important provisions of the bankruptcy code. Mr. Wall regularly represents debtors whose discharge has been challenged. He also represents creditors and trustees who believe a debtor may be abusing the system.

Do You Need A Bankruptcy Ligation Attorney? 

When you’re going through a bankruptcy that requires litigation, you need an attorney with a unique skill set. Your attorney needs to have a proven track record of tough negotiations and favorable results so that you have confidence in their ability to represent you. If you’re in the Irvine area, the attorney you’re looking for is Attorney William Wall. He has extensive experience in both consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy, having helped hundreds of satisfied clients successfully complete their bankruptcy and move on with their life.

If your bankruptcy needs to go through litigation, it’s important to have a firm lawyer on your side. Not all bankruptcy cases lead to litigation, but if yours does, it’s best to be prepared. Bankruptcy litigation often occurs when one or more of the following happen:

  • You cannot pay a trustee through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy agreement
  • You are accused of bankruptcy fraud
  • Creditors are harassing you
  • Your debt rose significantly before filing bankruptcy
  • You gave away or sold property or possessions before filing bankruptcy

How A Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney Can Help You

When your bankruptcy gets to the litigation stage, it’s important to have an attorney who will not only stand up for you, but defend your reputation. It’s in your best interest to have an experienced bankruptcy ligation attorney who has had years of experience going through the same process with others.

While there are attorneys who offer simple services and companies that offer do it yourself style bankruptcies, now is not the time to try your hand at doing something where you have little or no experience. The future of you, your family and your business hinges heavily on the outcome of your case. Legal jargon and proceedings are complex. Just like you wouldn’t hire a pastry chef to change your car tires, you shouldn’t hire a general practice attorney to walk you through he bankruptcy litigation process.

Work With Wall Law Office

Whether you’re just thinking about bankruptcy, need a new bankruptcy attorney or want a bankruptcy litigation attorney who will take your side, you need Attorney Wall. He’s always ready to listen to your situation and put his years of education and experience to the test to help others. Contact us at Wall Law Office today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation and get professional advice from a seasoned bankruptcy attorney.