Consumer Bankruptcy

Do You Need An Irvine Bankruptcy Attorney?

Are unpaid bills piling up on your table faster than you can pay them off? Maybe you’re current with all of the bills but just can’t make any traction to get ahead and have any money left over once they’re all paid. Whether you’ve accumulated all of these bills because of a job loss, medical issues or being underpaid in your line of work, there is help for you.

Bankruptcy is a legal way to stop:

  • Lawsuits against you
  • Collectors and creditors from calling you on a daily basis
  • Foreclosure on your home
  • Utilities from being turned off

There are laws that can help you get back on your feet, financially and protect your rights as you work through this difficult time. At Wall Law Office we’re not here to judge or lecture you about how or why you ended up in this situation; we’re here to help guide you out in legally and as quickly as positive.

How A Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

America has laws that help consumers get out of debt by clearing if off of the books of those to whom the money is owed. It can be a long, complex process, but Attorney Wall will guide you through to make the process as simple as possible by:

  • Explaining the eligibility requirements and the types of bankruptcy
  • Filing your bankruptcy petition with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court
  • Negotiating on your behalf at the 341 Meeting
  • Helping you take control of your finances so you can be successful in your new start

Not all debts can be cleared up in a bankruptcy; federally guaranteed student loans are one thing that bankruptcy won’t remove. Also, some people are better served by paying off their debts rather than going through a bankruptcy because of the negative impact it has on your credit score.

Work With Bankruptcy Attorney William Wall

As a consumer bankruptcy attorney, Attorney Wall has worked with hundreds of people who are buried under a financial avalanche. His experience with the situation paired with his knowledge of the law enables him to know if a bankruptcy is right for you. He’s upfront and honest, explaining the process and any negative side effects that will occur as a result of declaring consumer bankruptcy. Contact Wall Law Office today to set up an initial consultation to discuss your financial situation and see if a bankruptcy is right for you.